Share This Image


Share selected image with customizable content!

This plugin adds social sharing icons to each image in your site.

Share This Image is simple and flexible image sharing plugin for WordPress. It’s give you great flexibility to promoting your content in 11 most popular social networks.


Main Features

  • Supports 13 sharing buttons: facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, reddit, digg, delicious, vkontakte, odnoclassniki.
  • Exact sharing — user will share exactly the same image that he wants.
  • Select what images to share. Share all images of you site or just from several pages. Or just single images that you want. All this is possible!
  • Customize content — fully customizable url, image, title and content that you want to share.
  • Powerfull Admin Panel – all settings in one page.
  • Build-in shortcode for easier work
  • Fast — Nothing extra. Just what you need for proper work
  • Not only images – apply it not only for image but for any block of content with specified data-media attribute.
  • Google Analytics support
  • Supports all major desktop browsers (IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and mobile browsers.

Premium Features

Premium Version

  • New sharing buttons — download image button, link button, embed code, and email sharing.
  • Advanced content customization and content variables support. Set sources for sharing content and change their priority.
  • Fully customize shared title, description, image and url.
  • Set of styling options — predefined icons styles, horizontal or vertical view, offsets by x and y planes.
  • Buttons positions — choose one of sharing buttons positions: on image, on image (hover), before image, after image.
  • New option in admin page to exclude all images from desired pages from sharing.
  • Black list option to exclude single images fom sharing.
  • Auto-scroll your visitors to the exact location of the image they came to see.
  • Priority support.


  • Plugin settings page
  • Feature to share selected image
  • Content customization
  • Filtering feature


  1. Upload share-this-image to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How can I customize what url, image, title and description to share?

When sharing new image for title and description plugin first of all looks in ‘data-title’ and ‘data-summary’ attributes of image.

So you can set your fully customizable content by adding this attributes. It’s can look like that:

<img src="images/youre-cool-image.jpg" data-title="Title for image" data-summary="Description for image">

If image doesn’t have data attributes then plugin will use title attribute for title and attr attribute for summary.

<img src="images/youre-cool-image.jpg" title="Title for image" attr="Description for image">

If image doesn’t have data, title and attr attributes then will be used default title and description that you set in the plugin settings page.

Also it is possible to set shared image that can be different from image in the ‘img’ tag.

It’s can be done with help of ‘data-media’ attribute:

<img src="youre-image-to-display-on-page.jpg" data-media="youre-image-to-share.jpg">

Also you can change shared link.

By default plugin will share link to the page where your shared image in situated. But you can simply change this behavior.

Just add ‘data-url’ attribute with link that you want to be shared.

img src="images/youre-cool-image.jpg" data-url="">

How to use plugins build-in shortcode?

Most common there is no need to use shortcode. Plugin will automatically work with all images that you have on your site.

But with shorcode it is very simple to share desired image with custom title and description.

All you need to do is add this shortcode inside your page or post content section

[sti_image image="http://your-image-to-display.jpg" shared_image="http://your-image-to-share.jpg" shared_title="Your-title" shared_desc="Your-Description"]

It is very simple and don’t need additional explanation.

Is it works only with ‘img’ tag?


Plugin give ability to run it not only for images, but for any blocks of content.

Only one condition — this block must have data-media attribute with link to shared image.

For example — we have block with custom content inside. This block has class shared-box. So it is very easy to add sharing content for it.

<div class="shared-box" data-media="images/youre-cool-image.jpg" data-title="Title for image" data-summary="Description for image">
   Youre custom content ( text, html or any other )

Don’t forget, that class name of block must be specified in plugin selector option. For example, if we want to share all images and this block then selector will be img, .shared-box.

That’s all! After this if any of your visitors hover on block with class name shared-box he will see appeared share box with social buttons.

I install this plugin on my local server and have issues with sharing images. What’s wrong?

In order to share images and all other data social networks must scrap data from you website page. So if your website is not publicly available data will not be scraped.


4 Սեպտեմբերի, 2020
I really needed image sharing on my gallery asap and all gallery plugins required the pro version for that option. This plugin saved the day! Also, the support is incredibly helpful.
14 Մարտի, 2020
1st on mobile, it is not working. 2nd it will just kill site speed
20 Հունվարի, 2020
The plugin works perfectly, especially if you are able to make good CSS selection. The best to do that, so far.
12 Օգոստոսի, 2019
Good plugin but it has slowed down the time loading of the pictures of my pages for desktop and mobile, except AMP. The point of my review is not to criticize but helping to make it better by sharing my own experience.
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Contributors & Developers

“Share This Image” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Add — stiSharingWindowClosed js event


  • Update — Support for pop-up image plugins
  • Update — Support for Divi image gallery


  • Add — Support for Theia Post Slider plugin
  • Add — Support for Divi image gallery


  • Add — Facebook app id option
  • Fix — Mobile buttons instances display


  • Add — Support for Ajax Load More plugin
  • Add — Twitter image sizes tags
  • Fix — Bug with several sharing buttons instances


  • Update — Find image full size URL if needed
  • Update — Plugin settings page
  • Dev — Add sti_share_container js filter


  • Add — Support for Magnific Popup lightbox plugin
  • Update — Add support for sharing buttons instances
  • Dev — Add sti_sharing_url js filter
  • Dev — Add sti_network js filter


  • Add — Support for WP Modula plugin
  • Update — Settings page view
  • Dev — Add stiInit js event


  • Add — Support for nivo lightbox, simple lightbox plugin
  • Update — Sharing data for WhatsApp
  • Update — Allow some html tags for custom content boxes
  • Dev — sti_element js filter


  • Add — sti_buttons shortcode to display sharing buttons
  • Update — Re-calculate box position on scroll
  • Update — Change default image sizes options
  • Update — buttons positions options display
  • Dev — Add sti_data js hook


  • Fix — Image size detection on mobile devices
  • Fix — Custom URL sharing bug


  • Add — Telegram sharing
  • Fix — Bug with external images
  • Dev — sti_js_plugin_data filter


  • Fix — Bug with share box duplicated ID
  • Add — Touch event
  • Update — Support for lightbox plugins


  • Add — sti_exclude_current_page filter


  • Add — Add stiButtonClick js event


  • Add — sti_svg_icons filter
  • Add — sti_all_options filter
  • Add — sti_js_custom_data filter


  • Update — Fancybox support


  • Add — Option to choose buttons for desktop and mobile separately
  • Update — Settings page options


  • Add — Google Analytics support
  • Update — Settings page options


  • Update — Plugin settings page


  • Fix — Fancyboxes support
  • Fix — Sharing buttons positions


  • Update — Position of sharing buttons. This must solve some issues with “twitching” images on hover
  • Update — Settings page text
  • Update — Settings page options


  • Add — FaceBook messenger button
  • Fix — Plugin text domain for translations
  • Update — VK button style


  • Dev — Update code structure
  • Update — Settings page view


  • Dev — Add sti_buttons_array filter


  • Dev — Add sanitize_text_field function


  • Dev — Security updates


  • Fix — Bug woth relative path in data-media attribute


  • Fix bug with Facebook image sharing
  • Don’t remove dot char from image title and description


  • Remove Google+ sharing button
  • Update settings page styles


  • Fix bug with js source code


  • Fix bug with source selection
  • Update admin page styles
  • Add WhatsApp button


  • Add fancybox plugin support
  • Add Metaslider plugin support
  • Add support for Nivo slider
  • Add support for Coin slider
  • Update icons styles


  • Fix Facebook sharing bug
  • Add debug query parameter
  • Add wp caption as description sources
  • Update sharing buttons styling
  • Update settings page info


  • Fix Facebook sharing for movile devices
  • Fix Odnoklassniki sharing
  • Add feature to find sharing content in child nodes


  • Update Facebook settings


  • Update social icons


  • Add support fot Yoast Seo plugin


  • Update meta tags generation


  • Fix bug with special chars in options


  • Update settings page


  • Fix bug with sharing box offset


  • Fix XSS issue


  • Add og:image:width and og:image:height Open Graph tags for pre-caching shared images


  • Add admin notice about local server issues


  • Fix bugs
  • Separated settings page


  • First Release