In conjunction with the Faust.js™ NPM packages, the Faust.js™ WordPress plugin enables a decoupled front-end to authenticate with WordPress through GraphQL mutations and REST API endpoints. It is the bridge between a Faust.js™ powered front-end application, and a WordPress backend.

The plugin also provides useful options for headless sites, such as the ability to:

  • Hide “theme” admin pages.
  • Redirect public route requests to the front-end application.
  • Rewrite WordPress URLs to front-end URLs in queried content.


  • The settings page
  • Portfolio, blog, and basic blueprints for headless sites built with Faust.js
  • A code snippet


  1. Search for the plugin in WordPress under “Plugins -> Add New”.
  2. Click the “Install Now” button, followed by “Activate”.

That’s it! For more information on getting started with headless WordPress, see Getting Started with Faust.js.


If I need more support, where should I ask questions?

Use one of the channels below to contact the Faust.js team for support.
GitHub — Faust.js GitHub documentation and codebase.
Discord — Interactive chat support on Discord.

Where can I find more information about development and future features for this plugin?

Great question! The development team posts weekly summaries of sprints related to Faust.js, here.

Why the name “Faust.js”?

Johann Faust was a German printer and was instrumental in the invention of the printing press, along with his partner Johann Gutenberg. In the same way the printing press democratized the spread of information, the mission of Faust.js is to support and further the vision of WordPress to democratize publishing on the web.


Հոկտեմբերի 16, 2022
This plugin makes all cms management much more efficient, simple, and fast. It is highly recommended
Հուլիսի 18, 2022
This plugin is really awesome
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Patch Changes

  • 2eeb366: The default plugin setting for “Disable WordPress Theme Admin Pages” is now unchecked, requiring a user to opt-in after initial activation.


Patch Changes

  • 02f7f78: Registered a new GraphQL field, globalStylesheet, that returns wp_get_global_stylesheet and provides the same arguments as the core WordPress function.


Patch Changes

  • eaa5e48: Added the shouldShowFaustToolbar field on the viewer WPGraphQL type to determine if the Faust toolbar should be shown based on user preferences.

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