WP Search with Algolia


Easily integrate the powerful search tool Algolia directly into your WordPress website. Quickly index all of your website’s content and provide lightning fast and accurate search results within minutes!

Built and supported by WebDevStudios, the website agency behind Custom Post Type UI, WP Search with Algolia immediately improves search on your website. Your users will be impressed!

Enable Autocomplete and Instantsearch to immediately provide a more robust search experience to your visitors. Plus, you receive full control over the look, feel, and relevance of your users’ search experience.


  • One-click indexing of all content in WordPress
  • Relevant, faceted ready search results in milliseconds with native typo-tolerance from Algolia Search
  • Super granular control on search content relevancy and content positioning
  • Language-agnostic
  • WordPress hooks and filters available for easy customization of indexed content.

This plugin requires API keys from Algolia. API keys are free for small personal projects and non-commercial use. Learn more about commercial use pricing.

WP Search with Algolia Pro

Introducing WP Search with Algolia Pro, our new premium version of WP Search with Algolia! Pro features include:

  • Multisite Network-wide support!
    • Create a global search for content across all the sites in your network all in one Algolia index.
  • WooCommerce support
    • Indexing Product data including SKU, pricing (standard and variable), sales, and short descriptions.
    • Total sales and total ratings indexed for popularity
  • Advanced SEO support with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math SEO, and SEOPress
    • Content level settings to exclude individual content from the search index
    • Set Algolia’s indexing to match with existing search engine “noindex” settings

Are you ready to go Pro? Check out WP Search with Algolia Pro on Pluginize!


This plugin is a derivative work of the code from the Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results plugin for WordPress, which is licensed under the GPLv2.


  • Algolia Settings
  • Search Page Settings
  • Autocomplete Settings
  • InstantSearch Dropdown
  • Search Results


If you have the Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results plugin installed, please deactivate it first.

From your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for «WP Search with Algolia»
  3. Activate WP Search with Algolia from your Plugins page
  4. Click on the new menu item «Algolia Search» and enter your API keys
  5. Read the step by step configuration guide


I see you now have a Pro addon, what features are available with it?

When you purchase a copy of WP Search with Algolia Pro you are getting access to the start of WooCommerce integration as well as Search Engine Optimization mirroring.

With WooCommerce, you’ll be able to manage settings to start including product information as part of indexed products, including out of box display with both Autocomplete and Instantsearch hit templates. You can also include details like product SKU values, total sales, and ratings to help with index ranking and relevance.

With SEO settings, you can configure your content to manage itself in your Algolia indexes based on your «noindex» settings from your dedicated SEO plugins.

We intend to continue adding and evolving all the extra features in WP Search with Algolia Pro

Is this plugin a fork?

Yes. The Algolia Team no longer supports their original plugin. The engineering team at WebDevStudios has forked the original plugin, and is now maintaining it.

Should I switch to this plugin?

Yes. Because Algolia no longer supports their plugin, you will no longer receive updates. WebDevStudios uses Algolia on many of its projects, and is committed to maintaining this plugin.

How do I switch from the «Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results» plugin?

  1. Deactivate the Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results plugin
  2. Follow the installation instructions
  3. Activate WP Search with Algolia
  4. Check for your API Keys. They should already be there, if not, enter them and then save settings
  5. Delete the Search by Algolia – Instant & Relevant results plugin

What are the minimum requirements?

  • Requires WordPress 5.0+
  • PHP version 7.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)
  • cURL PHP extension
  • mbstring PHP extension
  • OpenSSL greater than 1.0.1
  • Some payment gateways require fsockopen support (for IPN access)

Visit the WP Search with Algolia server requirements documentation for a detailed list of server requirements.

Where can I find WP Search with Algolia documentation and user guides?

Will it work with my theme?

Yes. This plugin should work with most themes that do not override the default WordPress search behavior. Instant Search results page may require some styling to make it match nicely. See the Search Page Customization.

Where can I report bugs, request features, or contribute to the project?

All development is handled on GitHub.


13 Մարտի, 2024 1 reply
It doesn’t work with flatsome theme. 1. autocomplete/livesearch is not working. Basically the wordpress autocomplete is used instead of algolia. 2. If you try to implement «instant search» it looks totally broken out of box design wise. Not only that but you don’t get the «instant search». You still have to press «enter» to get any result. 3. Obviously it’s not working with woocommerce not even in a trial mode. I didn’t buy the woocommerce/pro version because the standard version failed to work (see above).
12 Փետրվարի, 2024
This is effectively a continuation of the official Algolia WordPress plugin that Algolia abandoned in favor of focusing on their main product/services. Thankfully, WebDevStudios stepped up to the plate and released this plugin to keep it alive with their own set of updates & ongoing support. I’ve been using this plugin since the very beginning (having used the official plugin from Algolia before that) and it’s been a seamless transition with it being straightforward to use & customize if/when needed in these past years, for example having custom facets/filters being added to the search results page template / allowing linking to a specific set of search filters & queries / etc. which then uses the official Algolia implementation for that aspect of things so it’s well documented (this also then shows a warning in the site admin if/when a customized search template in the theme is then left using an outdated version which might warrant being checked and/or updated as needed [then updating the version stated in that template file to get rid of that notice in that process.]) Developer support for this plugin has always been receptive & responsive when it comes to both bug fixes as well as potential features to add in a future update. I find it difficult to try to find a better value and/or better overall search provider for WordPress than Algolia, and at that point, there doesn’t look to be a better method to integrate it with a site quickly & effectively than what this plugin provides (easy to get up and running while customizable in the ways one would expect if/when needed.)
3 Մարտի, 2023
I’ve been using this plugin for the past (two?) years, customers love it, the ability to filter results in Algolia and prioritise our best sellers is well worth the features. Given our small usage in Algolia, the cost per month pays for itself 1000x. Well worth the investment — Thank you webdev & associates, your work is appreciated!
10 Հուլիսի, 2022
Thanks for maintaining this plugin and supporting it so well, it has saved me many hours. Now I am customizing and extending it, and I am starting unlock it’s power. Keep up the good work!
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Search with Algolia” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


Follow along with the changelog on Github.


  • Updated: WP Search with Algolia Pro features list for version 1.4.0


  • Added: Filter to customize Algolia SearchClient configuration with connect/read/write timeouts.
  • Updated: Prevent table content from being concatenated. Thanks @rodrigo-arias
  • Updated: Pass $post_id to algolia_get_post_images filter.
  • Updated: Confirmed compatibility with WP 6.5


  • Fixed: Instantsearch.php template file. «Powered By Algolia» Instantsearch widget wrapped in a check for if the «Remove powered by» option is checked. This should match already working behavior with Autocomplete dropdown.


  • Updated: Moved post sync action from save_post to wp_after_insert_post. This allows for the sync to wait until after post meta and terms have been updated. Removes need to click save twice to sync everything.
  • Updated: WP Search with Algolia feature list.


  • Fixed: More performance updates and resolutions around WP All Import.


  • Fixed: Performance issues related to delete operations.
  • Fixed: Performance issues around WP All Import.


  • Added: Support for syncing imported items when «fast mode» from WP All Import enabled.
  • Added: Support for updating child posts if parent post’s slug has been updated.
  • Added: Support for updating posts when an associated term has been updatd.
  • Added: Wait for delete operations to complete before moving to updates.
  • Updated: Algolia Search library to 4.18.x
  • Updated: InstantSearch library to 4.56.x


  • Updated: Ensure reindexing completes when using the from_batch flag with CLI.
  • Updated: Assigned Algolia_Admin instance to a property for access elsewhere.


  • Updated: Autocomplete template file with user link fix when cmd/ctrl clicking.
  • Updated: Class method visibility from protected to public.


  • Updated: Fixed hits per page configuration for instantsearch
  • Added: Custom hook for settings page override.


  • Updated readme.txt with more plugin information.
  • Repositioned help info on settings screens.


  • Introduction of WP Search with Algolia Pro availability.
  • Added algolia_custom_template_location filter to allow specifying custom template locations besides just your active theme.
  • Templates: added action hooks at the end of Autocomplete and Instantsearch hit template blocks.
  • Updated algolia_changes_watchers filter to also receive the current indices.
  • Added watcher support for term and user meta updates.
  • Updated bundled CSS to better match selectors for default used widgets in the templates.
  • Clarified some details around Autocomplete settings and what can be done in each setting state.
  • Updated admin menu icon to use Algolia logo when no settings configured.


  • Increase minimum PHP version to PHP 7.4
  • Fixed PHP8 compatibility issues
  • Prefixed Algolia library to avoid potential conflicts with other code using the same libraries.
  • Revised copy and wording around the plugin for better clarity.
  • Deprecate the algolia_should_require_search_client filter in favor of prefixed Algolia PHP Client namespace


  • Update autocomplete template to use addEventListener instead of onload function
  • Update Algolia InstantSearch.js to 4.49.1


  • Add algolia_should_override_autocomplete filter to override enable/disable status of Autocomplete
  • Add from_batch argument to the re-index WP-CLI command
  • Update excluded custom post types and taxonomies to include Core WordPress’ internal CPTs and taxonomies
  • Update Algolia logos to match the latest version
  • Remove jQuery usage and dependency from templates
  • Update Algolia JavaScript API Client to 4.14.2
  • Update Algolia InstantSearch.js to 4.49.0
  • Update Algolia PHP API Client to 3.3.2


  • Add alert to Push Settings button on the Search Page.
  • Replace attributesToIndex index setting with searchableAttributes.
  • Replace outdated Instant Search widget class.
  • Improve drag and drop column description text on the Autocomplete page.
  • Remove inline CSS for Max. Suggestions input.
  • Update Algolia JavaScript API Client to 4.13.0
  • Update Algolia InstantSearch.js to 4.40.5
  • Update Algolia Autocomplete.js to 0.38.1
  • Update Algolia PHP API Client to 3.2.0


  • Add algolia_update_records filter to allow inspection and filtering records during update operation.
  • Add algolia_re_index_records filter to allow inspection and filtering records during re-index operation.
  • Catch some Aloglia PHP Client exceptions that were previously uncaught during record updating and re-indexing.
  • Fix an issue where SearchIndex::saveObjects was called twice during re-index operations.
  • Update Algolia PHP API Client to 3.1.0


  • Fix for users that enable intstantsearch but not autocomplete by adding algoliasearch client as direct dependency of both


  • Breaking changes for users with customized autocomplete.php / instantsearch.php template in their theme.
  • Update autocomplete.php and instantsearch.php templates for compatibility with new JS libs.
  • Update Algolia JavaScript API Client to 4.10.3
  • Update Algolia InstantSearch.js to 4.25.2
  • Update Algolia Autocomplete.js to 0.38.0
  • Update Algolia PHP API Client to 3.0.2