WooCommerce Add to Cart Custom Redirect


This plugin adds a field to the Edit Product page (under the General product info) that accepts a URL from the administrator or shop manager. When this field is set, the front-end user (customer) will be redirected to the URL when that product is added to the cart. This can be useful if you want to automatically prompt your customers to purchase other products.

Upgrade to Custom Redirects for WooCommerce

With the premium version of Custom Redirects for WooCommerce, you get access to:

  • Add-to-cart redirects when your customers add products to their cart
  • After-purchase redirects when your customers complete checkout
  • Open redirects in new tabs
  • Redirects for product variations
  • Product-specific Redirect URLs
  • Product Category/Tag Redirects
  • Redirect on AJAX Add-to-Cart
  • Support for Product CSV Import/Export (import and export redirects)
  • Convenient admin page to see all your redirects
  • Seamless upgrade from the Free version to Premium
  • One Year of Updates & Premium Support

Learn more about Custom Redirects for WooCommerce


  • This example redirect configuration would redirect a customer to a custom URL after they’ve added this product to their cart, and after purchasing (Premium feature).
  • A sample overview showing a quick glance of where redirects are set (Premium feature).
  • You can add redirects for product categories and tags (taxonomies) by editing the taxonomy. You can also add a redirect when adding new categories/tags (Premium feature).


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Search for WooCommerce Add to Cart Custom Redirect in the Add New Plugin section of the WordPress admin
  2. Install & Activate


  1. Download the zip file and upload woocommerce-custom-redirect to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How do I use this plugin?

Install and activate the plugin. Then paste your URL into the Add-to-Cart Redirect URL field under the Redirect product data tab. If you want to utilize the redirect feature on product archive pages, make sure to uncheck the «Enable AJAX add to cart buttons on archives» checkbox under the WooCommerce settings Products tab (read below for AJAX support).

Do you offer support for this plugin?

If you have any questions, feel free to post a thread on the support forum. If you need immediate help, you can also purchase a license for priority support.

How can I use this plugin with AJAX support?

Currently, AJAX support is part of the premium upgrade.

How can I open the redirect in a new browser tab?

The premium version offers support for opening redirects in new tabs.

What about redirecting variations of products?

You can add variation redirects with the premium version of this plugin.


8 Մարտի, 2024
The plugin is useful and support is available.
25 Փետրվարի, 2024
Great plugin with good support. The developer did take a little while to get back to me but once he did he went out of his way to investigate and fix the problem. Just be patient with support if needed, it is not a huge corporation with a help desk, but much more personal in the end.
21 Հուլիսի, 2023
I wanted a checkout experience that walked customers through adding 3 products to their cart step-by-step and this lightweight little plugin did the job perfectly. This redirect approach allows my customers to experience and take in the original Woo product page and then move to the next product I want them to see and then a 3rd which then finally puts them into the cart. I should add that I’m a very high touch photographer service and I am on the phone with them while they are doing this. I’m not sure I’d recommend this if they’re on their own unless you provided very clear directions on which products the will have to add before checkout. I tried Cartflows (a well known one-page checkout product) and didn’t like how it showed product variants and how complicated it was.
11 Նոյեմբերի, 2019 7 replies
Even I delete the URLs + disable the plugin and delete it, it’s still redirecting???
11 Նոյեմբերի, 2019
I left a post 7 months ago looking for help. I even emailed the developer directly to boot. There was no response. The plugin had worked fine for ages and with an update suddenly began malfunctioning. We needed to be current with our woocommerce so I couldn’t roll back and the developer simply ignored me. It’s silly really, I would have purchased premium support if that meant a solution to the abrupt malfunction, but there was no help to be found. I ended up having to completely restrategize our site and recreate the cart because the support of this plugin is so terrible.
1 Սեպտեմբերի, 2019
Works as it states. Im using it on a newer version of WordPress, so far so good. Will you be coming out with an update anytime soon?
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Add to Cart Custom Redirect” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.2.14 (7th March 2024)

  • Security: Removed admin notice code, which patches an unauthorized modification of data vulnerability (Thanks Lucio Sá via Wordfence)

1.2.13 (30th November 2023)

  • New: WooCommerce HPOS compatibility
  • New: WooCommerce 8.3.1 compatibility

1.2.12 (12th June 2023)

  • Fix: Redirects now working correctly

1.2.11 (22nd January 2023)

  • Fix: Redirects no longer happen when the product page isn’t valid, for example when using a Gravity Form which has required fields
  • WooCommerce 7.3 compatibility

1.2.10 (30th May 2022)

  • Fix: Redirects tab now not blank on some installs
  • WooCommerce 6.5 compatibility
  • WordPress 6.0 compatibility


  • Bump version to show compatibility with WooCommerce 5.0 and WordPress 5.7


  • Bump version to show WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility


  • Clean up RV_Custom_WooCommerce_Redirects->get_redirect_url() method


  • Removed outdated admin notice


  • WooCommerce 3.9 compatibility


  • Added notice of new features
  • Changed use of constants for text domain


  • Fixed error in path to load_plugin_textdomain()


  • Some refactoring


  • Fixed a bug that caused redirects to persist after they’ve been removed


  • Replaced deprecated add_to_cart_redirect filter with woocommerce_add_to_cart_redirect


  • Added support for redirects on product archive pages


  • Initial version