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By installing this SEO plugin, your website will automatically gain easy backlinks from over 2 million articles by anonymously joining Martin’s 100% free seo backlink link building network. This will optimize your SEO, improve your search engine rankings, and drive more free traffic to your site.

Works great for optimizing SEO on WordPress blogs, WordPress websites, and WooCommerce platforms.

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What are the benefits?

Martin’s free and easy SEO backlink link building network will help your website achieve top positions in search engines (SEO) by employing a secure, proven, anonymous, untraceable, and tested link building strategy crafted by SEO experts.

3rd party service notice

This plugin relies on the free 3rd party service «Martins Tools» (Software as a Service) and sends some of your URLs to the service to create a backlink statistics dashboard for you.

Martins ToolsTerms

Are matched backlinks possible for small niches and foreign languages?

You need to test it with your own website.

Depending on your niche and language, you might encounter less relevant backlinks. Your website might be unique within the network, resulting in fewer matching websites.

The network expands daily, and the quality of matches is directly correlated with its size. Patience is key, along with spreading the word. Non-relevant links will simply just hold a lower backlink value than relevant ones.

Feel free to try again later if these free backlinks aren’t properly matched for your website at the moment.
However, please refrain from leaving a negative review solely because your specific website isn’t matched properly for now.

Are statistics available?

Yes! Within your WordPress admin menu, you will find a beautifully designed dashboard labeled «Martin’s Link Building».
This dashboard provides one month of detailed statistics.

How do i validate the results?

Link building takes time for both search engines and Ahrefs to discover, so it’s advisable to wait at least 14 days to see the results. Utilize the excellent external tool, «Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker,» to monitor the increase in your domain rating (PageRank) and to view a list of your new backlinks. These backlinks will gradually accumulate over time, enhancing your SEO efforts.
Ahrefs Backlink Checker

How does it work?

A few links will appear on all websites in the network. Websites do not directly exchange links with each other, as this strategy could lead to SEO problems.

Instead, websites link to one part of a network consisting of unique websites with different owners, servers, IPs, and domains to avoid leaving any footprints. They receive backlinks in return from another part of the network, making the SEO link building as natural and untraceable as possible for search engines.

These links are contextual, meaning they match keywords within the content. Each link is associated with a single word (or a few words for long-tail keywords) per link, chosen discreetly based on the last occurrence of the keyword in the main content.

Websites are automatically scanned for their best SEO keywords, including long-tail keywords, to be used throughout the network. This helps build links in a natural way for SEO, as search engines favor links combined with keywords.

Both home pages and selected subpages of websites are matched to ensure a natural variation in link building. When there are no direct keyword matches, links are placed discreetly below website footers.

How about offensive content?

Websites like «po..» etc., are allowed, but they are automatically added to their own separate network.


  • Link building statistics dashboard


Method 1

  • Search for «Martins Link building» directly in your WordPress admin panel under «Plugins -> Add new».
  • Click «Install» and then «Activate».
  • Done!

Method 2

  • Upload the «martinsLinkNetwork» plugin zip file through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Done!

Method 3

  • Upload the «martinsLinkNetwork» plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  • Done!


Anything i should do after plugin installation?

  • Not at all… Just brew a coffee, sit back and enjoy your new backlinks coming in.

Why do my DR sometimes go down?

  • You might see it go up and down, but generally it will go up. This is because the backlinks are constantly changing and thus sometimes they were stronger yesterday than today. Don’t give up in a short time. Building a strong DR takes time.

Where do i find the statistics?

  • Click «Dashboard -> Martins link building» in upper-left corner of your WordPress admin panel.


14 Նոյեմբերի, 2023 2 replies
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Jag köper VIP med 27 länkar. Får c</font></font>irka<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"> 9000 bakåtlänkar per dygn. Trevlig kundtjänst med Martin. Snabba tydliga svar. Tack👍</font></font>
4 Հուլիսի, 2023 2 replies
Hi, I was very disappointed to see that this Plugin added a toxic outbound link at the bottom (under the footer) of the two of my websites where I was testing this link. Uninstalling the plugin seems to have fixed the issue for now. Do you provide any guarantee that the paid version of this plugin will not create any spam outbound links on the website it is being used for? Thanks,
8 Մայիսի, 2023
Martins plug-in has definitely helped my website improve search results. Martin has also responded directly to queries and was really helpful. 100% recommended the vip service well worth the investment
21 Ապրիլի, 2023
I am using Martin's Backlink Tool, and I am very happy with the results. This plugin helped me to improve my website's SEO by providing me with a lot of backlinks that are relevant to my niche. However, I would highly recommend that users opt for the VIP package for the best results. With the free package, you are basically linking to other websites like yours and you lose some value doing this. I started with the free plugin and had to move to paid plan to get better results as I could see the potential of the plugin. Overall, I think that Martin's Backlink Plugin is an excellent addition for anyone looking to improve their website's SEO.
12 Ապրիլի, 2023 3 replies
Had high hopes but severely disappointed. Instead of increasing, the ahref ranking dropped 2 points. All spammy links added all throughout the website. NOT AT ALL RECOMMENDED
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