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AI Image Generator for Your Content & Featured Images — AI Postpix

AI Image Generator for Your Content & Featured Images — AI Postpix


Bring Your Content to Life!

Introducing AI Postpix, an AI-powered image generator that improves the content creation process for your WordPress site. Using the latest AI technologies such as DALL-E 2, DALL-E 3, Stable Diffusion, Replicate and DeepAI, AI Postpix transforms your written content into visually stunning images. With AI Postpix, your content is analyzed by artificial intelligence to generate images that are compatible with your content. AI Postpix also gives you the flexibility to set them as featured images, add them to your content, add them to your library and download them to your PC — all in one click! Say goodbye to manual image search. Improve your content with AI generated images. Get more engagement with images generated to complement your content!


  • Smart Prompt Generation — The ‘Find My Prompt’ feature of the plugin meticulously analyzes your blog text to automatically generate the most suitable prompt, providing you with a perfect starting point for image generation.
  • Advanced Image Style Selection – Choose from dozens of styles, effects, artists, cameras, lighting to make your images more captivating and match your exact preferences.
  • Custom Image Naming – Make your images SEO compatible! You can name the generated images according to your post title, or you can name them as you wish!
  • Selectable Image Quantity — Decide how many images you want to produce in a single go. With AI Postpix, you can generate up to 10 images at once, giving you plenty of options to choose from!
  • Popular AI Model Choices — AI Postpix offers a selection of the most popular AI models such as DALL-E 2, DALL-E 3, DeepAI, Stable Diffusion with all models, Replicate, each with its own unique style and capabilities, allowing you to customize your images to fit your needs.
  • Prompt Generation with Selectable AI Models — Effortlessly choose a preferred AI model directly within the AI Postpix admin panel to generate custom prompts that align perfectly with the theme and style of your post.
  • Resolution Customization — Adjust the resolution of your images to determine their clarity and quality. Whether you prefer low-resolution images for faster load times or high-resolution images for impeccable quality, AI Postpix caters to your preference.
  • Instant Add to Post — Effortlessly integrate images into your content with the ‘Add to Post’ feature, streamlining your workflow.
  • Featured Image Setting — Use the ‘Set as Featured Image’ function to instantly designate your selected image as the featured image of your post.
  • Library Save Function — With just a click, you can save all your generated images directly to your WordPress media library.
  • SEO Compatible Images: — When you download AI-generated images to your WordPress library, their alt text and titles will automatically match the title of your post.
  • PC Download Option — Download and stockpile your favorite images directly to your computer with a simple click, giving you offline access and backup.
  • 🔥 [[PREMIUM]] Improve My Prompt — Analyze and refine your written prompt to make it more detailed, offering you 5 improved prompt suggestions to elevate your image generation process!

More features coming soon…

Don’t Know How to Write Prompts? No Problem!

Break creative barriers with AI Postpix’s ‘Find Prompt’ feature. You no longer need to be an expert prompt writer to generate flawless and unique images with AI. Simply click the ‘Find My Prompt’ button and let AI Postpix do the work.

As simple as pressing a button, ‘Find Prompt’ instantly grasps the essence of your blog post and automatically generates the perfect prompts to generate image content for you. This smart tool deeply analyzes your content, enabling you to craft attention-grabbing and unique images that align with your content. This way, your images are not only pleasing to the eye but also reinforce the message of your post and reflect your brand identity.

Whether you are new to image content creation or a seasoned pro, the ‘Find Prompt’ feature is ideal for users of all levels. With this feature, AI Postpix empowers you to produce professional-level images without investing extensive time, effort, or creativity. Thus, you can add value to your content and impress your blog visitors.

Use AI Postpix to generate customized images for each of your blog posts that match the tone and style of your brand. With ‘Find Prompt’, image content production is now just a click away. Start turning your blog posts into image masterpieces today!

No More Searching for Unique Images for Your Posts!

Everyone knows the power of image content, but finding and creating unique and compelling images can be time-consuming and sometimes exhausting. With AI Postpix, this is no longer a problem! With its popular artificial intelligence models, it empowers you to generate unique and stunning images that will perfectly match your blog posts.

AI Postpix comprehends the tone and content of your post and empowers you to effortlessly generate any number of unique images in just a few seconds. This means you can get unique and attention-grabbing images for your posts without investing hours online.

No more the uniformity of stock photos or copyright concerns. AI Postpix enriches your content and impresses your readers with images designed specifically for each post. It generates image narratives that not only match your content, but also reflect the voice and personality of your brand.

Consider every aspect of your content and generate images that you and your readers will love. Turn your posts into image masterpieces — push the limits of your creativity with AI Postpix!

Third-Party Supported Integrations

AI Postpix offers users a comprehensive and tailored platform by supporting a variety of artificial intelligence models. AI Postpix uses the following OpenAI , StabilityAI and EdenAI services for prompt generation and image generation:


For Image Creation: Utilize DALL-E 3 to generate stunning and creative images.
For Prompt Generation: Employ the linguistic prowess of GPT-4, GPT-4-0613, GPT-3.5-Turbo-1106, GPT-3.5-Turbo, GPT-3.5-Turbo-16k, and GPT-3.5-Turbo Instruct to generate engaging and contextually relevant prompts.
For more information on OpenAI’s services, visit OpenAI API Models.


  • For Image Creation: Leverage the artistic capabilities of Stable-Diffusion models.
    For detailed information on these services, visit EdenAI APIs.


  • For Image Creation: Leverage the artistic capabilities of Stable-Diffusion, DALL-E 2, DEEP AI, and Replicate models using the EdenAI Image Generation API to produce images that resonate with your content’s theme.
  • For Prompt Generation: Access EdenAI’s Chat API for intuitive and conversational prompt generating.
    For detailed information on these services, visit EdenAI APIs.

And much more coming soon…

These integrations are meticulously selected to provide a seamless and enriching content creation experience, ensuring that AI Postpix users have access to the most advanced and suitable tools for their creative needs.

Service Terms and Privacy Policies

For detailed information on the terms of use and privacy policies of these services, please visit:
AI Postpix Terms and AI Postpix Privacy Policy
OpenAI Terms and OpenAI Privacy Policy
StabilityAI Terms and StabilityAI Privacy Policy
EdenAI Terms and EdenAI Privacy Policy


AI Postpix is a plugin that allows users to use API services such as OpenAI’s Chat GPT API, DALL-E3 API and EdenAI’s Stable Diffusion, Replicate etc. integrations to analyze content and generate relevant images on their websites. To use these services, users need to obtain their own API key and follow the rules set by the chosen AI service. By using AI Postpix, users agree to watch and manage the content generated by AI and to handle any issues or misuse that may arise. The AI Postpix developer and related parties are not responsible for any issues or losses caused by using the plugin or AI-generated content. Users should talk to a legal expert and follow the laws in their area.


  • Plugin Settings
  • Image Generator Page
  • Image Generator for Posts
  • Image Generator for Posts Dark Mode
  • Generated Images


  1. Upload ‘ai-postpix.zip’ to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory on WordPress.
  2. Activate AI Postpix from the ‘Plugins’ menu.
  3. Enter at least one of your OpenAI, StabilityAI or EdenAI API keys then save.
  4. Test the API keys using the ‘Test My OpenAI API’ and ‘Test My EdenAI API’ buttons.
  5. Go to the bottom of any finished blog post and choose an AI engine in the Ai Postpix section.
  6. Click ‘Find Prompt’ to generate a prompt or enter your own.
  7. Decide on the number of images, their resolution, and style.
  8. Click ‘generate Images’ to start the process.
  9. Add images to your post, set as featured images, save to the media library, or download to your PC. Or you can do it all at the same time!


Is the AI Postpix plugin free?

The core features of our plugin are 100% free. If you have OpenAI, StabilityAI or EdenAI API keys (You can only use the service for which you provide an API key.), you can use it for free. But to use the ‘Improve My Prompt’ section, you must upgrade to the Pro version.

Do I need an API Key?

Yes, you must have an OpenAI, Stability AI or EdenAI account (You must have an account with the service you want to use.) If you do not have an account, you must generate one. Explained how to get an API key in the admin panel of the plugin.

How does the ‘Find Prompt’ feature work?

‘Find Prompt’ analyzes the content of your post and automatically generates a suggested prompt that you can use to generate images related to your post’s theme.

Can I write my own prompt?

Yes, you can write. You don’t have to use the ‘Find Prompt’ function. You can also generate images with your own prompt.

How can I generate an image?

Creating the image is actually very simple. All the necessary instructions are explained for you step by step in the right area of the plugin’s admin panel.

How do I test my API keys?

After entering your API keys, click the ‘Test My OpenAI API’ and ‘Test My EdenAI API’ buttons in the API key section to confirm they’re working.

I’m getting errors when testing my API keys. How can I fix it?

Make sure that your API key is not missing or incorrect. If there is no problem with OpenAI API and EdenAI API services and your error still persists, please contact us.

How can I hide the AI Postpix meta box at any time?

You can hide it at any time by clicking on the up arrow icon in the right corner of the meta box.


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It’s a great plugin and very useful. While similar plugins are completely paid and are not even available in the WordPress plugin library, it is perfect that this free application can be accessed from the library. Many thanks to its creators.
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Contributors & Developers

“AI Image Generator for Your Content & Featured Images — AI Postpix” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • FIXED: Error attaching image to post.
  • FIXED: The improve my prompt feature was available if the Prompt field was empty
  • FIXED: If the image was previously saved, it was saved again when using different features.
  • FIXED: Fixed some details in the readme.
  • FIXED: Reported minor bugs.
  • TWEAK: Preparations for new features to come.


  • FIXED: Error and notification bugs fixed.
  • FIXED: Eventlistener js error.
  • FIXED: Fixed some details in the readme.
  • FIXED: Escape bugs fixed.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • Added: StabilityAI support.
  • Added: New resolutions.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • Added: Image count range.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • FIXED: Apperance bug.


  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • Added: In addition to Image Style, customization features such as Artist, Effect, Camera, Photography, Lighting.
  • Added: Negative prompt feature.
  • Added: Image creation with Amazon Titan model.
  • Added: «AI Image Generator» page independent of posts.
  • Added: The ability to specify a name when saving an image.
  • Tweak: Image Style feature has been made free.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • Added: Users can now view the error response when the API errors.
  • FIXED: Minor bugs.


  • Appearance changes.
  • Metabox and Admin Panel Designs have been made fully mobile compatible.


  • Images have been made more SEO friendly when downloaded to the library.
  • Fixed multiple downloads of the same image.


  • The token cost of the Find my prompt feature has been reduced.
  • Icon and Banner changes.


  • New additions to Finding prompt.
  • Button changes.
  • Bug reporting fixes.
  • Ability to analyse the title as well.
  • Fixes in analysing different languages.


  • Some fixes related to finding prompts.
  • Readme changes.


Initial version.