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Affiliates for WooCommerce — Boost your Earnings with Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliates for WooCommerce — Boost your Earnings with Affiliate Marketing Program


Affiliates for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows site owners to create an affiliate marketing program for their online store. The plugin allows affiliates to promote the store and earn a commission on sales made through their unique affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where businesses pay affiliates for each customer they bring to their website. The affiliate promotes the business’s products or services through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, or their website, and earns a commission for each sale made through their unique affiliate link.

With Affiliates for WooCommerce, site owners can easily set up an affiliate program and recruit affiliates to promote their products. The plugin provides a dashboard where affiliates can view their earnings, track clicks and sales, and access marketing materials such as banners and text links. Affiliates can also generate their unique affiliate links, which they can share with their audience to earn commissions on any sales made through those links.

Site owners have complete control over their affiliate program, including setting commission rates, defining cookie expiration periods, and setting minimum payout thresholds. They can also view reports on affiliate activity, including the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions.

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  • Module can be enabled or disabled by the admin.
  • Allow other user roles to be able to converted into affiliates.
  • Default registration form can be used for the affiliate registration and for existing users to become an affiliate.
  • Enable/disable the affiliate registration fields on the WooCommerce registration form shown in the My Accounts Page.
  • Use the affiliate registration form shortcode to create a custom page for your affiliates registration.
  • Set the affiliate dashboard page which contains the shortcode.
  • Styling color can be set for the affiliate dashboard.
  • Sidebar widgets can be enabled or disabled for the affiliate dashboard.
  • Choose to show Affiliate dashboard menu on the my accounts page.
  • Enable/disable the sidebar widgets on the Affiliate dashboard menu on the My Accounts page.
  • Query variable name can be dynamically configured.
  • Referral cookie name can be dynamically configured.
  • Set the number of days for the referral cookie expiration.
  • Enable or disable the visits registration for the referral links.
  • Social share options are available for sharing referral links.
  • Set the title for twitter and pinterest social share for referral links.
  • Set the text for social share of referral links.
  • Pinterest image url can be set for the social share.
  • Set a global or default commission rate for all affiliates.
  • Taxes and discounts can be included or excluded for commission calculations.
  • Configure withdrawal or payout methods for the earnings.
  • Set the shortcode dynamically for the affiliate registration form and affiliate dashboard.
  • Choose the content of the affiliate registration form with login form or without.
  • View the list of the affiliates and can manage their active status.
  • Various information of the affiliate can be seen and managed by the admin.
  • View the list of earned commissions and manage their status.
  • Pay the commission manually to affiliates.
  • View the list of payouts and change their status.
  • All payouts are handled externally the system and manage manually by admin.
  • View the list of top products that generated earnings.
  • View the list of visits registered by the affiliate referred URL.
  • Various filters are given in affiliates, commissions, payouts, top products and visits list.
  • Prevent affiliates from getting commissions by their own purchases.
  • Affiliates can view the list of their commissions, payouts, visits and top products.
  • Affiliates can generate links with their referral tokens and can share them on various social platforms in order to earn money.
  • Affiliates can save their withdrawal info.
  • Default withdrawal method can be chosen by affiliates.
  • Affiliates can earn commissions for both registered and non-registered customers’ successful purchases.
  • Multilingual is supported with the given .pot file in the plugin.
  • And much more…

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  • Automatically approve all affiliates after their registration or when existing user become an affiliate.
  • Choose the default status as pending, approved, rejected or banned for new affiliate.
  • Set the endpoint of the affiliate dashboard menu on the My Accounts page.
  • Set the title of the affiliate dashboard menu on the My Accounts page.
  • Set the default referral token for affiliates as username or user ID.
  • Allow affiliates to change their referral token so they can use their brand name as well.
  • Allow overriding of referral cookie by visiting the new referral URL.
  • Delete the referral cookie on the checkout so commissions will not get calculated for future orders.
  • Assign coupons to affiliates so they can use the coupon for promotion and can generate commissions.
  • Allow displaying the coupons section on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Mail will get sent to affiliates on assigning the coupon.
  • Set the time after which the same referral visits gets registered or saved again.
  • Affiliate self refer functionality can be enabled or disabled.
  • Exclude products and categories for commission calculations.
  • Create bulk payouts for affiliate pending commissions.
  • Choose the withdrawal or payout type for affiliates such as manually by admin, manually requested by affiliate or automatic payout creation for affiliates on any specific day of the month.
  • Set the withdrawal day for automatic payout creation withdrawal type.
  • Set the payout or withdrawal threshold that affiliate must meet in order to get paid.
  • Set the minimum number of days that should pass since the commission’s creation to allow it for the automatic payout.
  • Email notifications are there for affiliate active status, commission status and payout status.
  • Set the heading, subject and mail content for all emails.
  • Various placholders are provided to use the dynamic data in emails.
  • Configure endpoints and titles of all sections provided on the affiliate dashboard.
  • Advanced analytics and reports are provided.
  • WooCommerce Wallet Management plugin can be used to credit the payouts in the affiliate’s wallet.
  • Set different commission rates for different affiliates.
  • View the visit user IP address.
  • Configure advanced commission rules for specific products, categories and user roles.
  • Configure multi-level affiliate commission rules.
  • Create advanced affiliate registration form by adding unlimited fields.
  • Choose which fields can be edited by the affiliate later.
  • Advanced analytics and reports provided in the affiliate dashboard.
  • Allow Affiliates to change their account info.
  • Affiliates can enable/disable their email notifications for commissions.
  • And much more…

Check The Live Demo of the Affiliates for WooCommerce Premium Version >

Short Description

Affiliates for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows site owners to create an affiliate marketing program for their online store. The plugin allows affiliates to promote the store and earn a commission on sales made through their unique affiliate links.


  • General configuration page.
  • Referrals configuration page.
  • Commissions configuration page.
  • Shortcodes configuration page.
  • Affiliates list page.
  • Affiliate details page.
  • Commissions list page.
  • Payouts list page.
  • Top products list page.
  • Visits list page.
  • Registration fields list page.
  • Affiliate login/registration page.
  • Become an affiliate page.
  • Affiliate dashboard page.
  • Affiliate commissions page.
  • Affiliate payouts page.
  • Affiliate visits page.
  • Affiliate top products page.
  • Affiliate link generator page.
  • Affiliate settings page.
  • Affiliate dashboard on my accounts page.


  1. Upload the affiliates-for-woocommerce folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin using the ‘Affiliates’ menu


How many affiliates can I have?

There’s no limit for the number of affiliates you can have.

How do I pay my affiliates?

You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal.

Does this plugin register referral visits

Yes, it register or saves the referral visits and can be seen at the admin or affiliate end.

Do you offer support?

Of course! We offer support in the forums here on WordPress.org and if you have a premium version we offer priority email support.

For complete documentation

Visit Affiliates for WooCommerce Documentation

For any other question feel free to do so.

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29 Դեկտեմբերի, 2023
so far so good. An amazing plugin with amazing customer support! Highly recommended.
22 Դեկտեմբերի, 2023
I’m excited to share how «Affiliates for WooCommerce» has transformed my online store! Installing it was a breeze, and the user-friendly interface made managing affiliates a joy. The detailed tracking and analytics provide essential insights, and it seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce for a hassle-free experience. With flexible commission options, dependable payouts, and top-notch customer support, this plugin is a 5-star choice for anyone serious about boosting sales through affiliate marketing on WooCommerce. I highly recommend it!
20 Դեկտեմբերի, 2023
«Affiliates for WooCommerce» is an excellent tool for enhancing online business through affiliate marketing. Its easy integration, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options make setting up and managing an affiliate program straightforward. The impact on sales is noticeable, with a robust tracking system ensuring transparency. Additionally, the outstanding customer support adds to its appeal. Highly recommended for those looking to boost their digital marketing efforts.
20 Դեկտեմբերի, 2023
Devdiggers is Affiliates for WooCommerce plugin is the best plugin so far, I used multiple plugin but the support and functionality they provide is superb. Great 👍 team and very professional. Highly recommended
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“Affiliates for WooCommerce — Boost your Earnings with Affiliate Marketing Program” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Added WooCommerce HPOS (High-Performance order storage) compatibility.
Added compatibility with latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved security issues.


Added compatibility with latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved security issues.


Initial release